Get found, save time and reach more customers

With lock-down restrictions easing off in various markets, it’s time to focus on traffic and generating revenue for your business. Here is how Local Business Listings make sure you reach customers where they’re searching online:

By helping customers find you and increasing traffic

Half of all online searches are for local or regional businesses, so getting found means staying at the top of the web listings. If they find you online, they’re more likely to visit your storefront or business. Listing Local can help you by increasing your visibility on Google, Facebook, Bing, YP, Manta, Appl connect, and other popular platforms and directories.

We our Local listing customers also achieve around 65% more hits in search engines. This leads to increased brand awareness and a better Google ranking – improving consumer trust and more web visits.

By systematically helping you promote your business

Updating content, publish photos, announce events, or share updates and promotions on all the relevant platforms. This way, your regular customers are kept in the loop and potential customers find out about new promotions.

By saving you time

You can be up and running with the new or updated local listing in a few days. We wil enter your business info and synced across all relevant platforms and directories across the web. If you need to change your opening hours, address or promotions, update the central database, and the tool does the rest.

Added bonus

With our local listing service, online customer reviews are also centralized, making it easier for you see what customers are saying and to respond to them in real-time.

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