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If your business is on the internet, not optimizing your existing tools puts you at a severe disadvantage in a competitive market?
And this could be bad as not being on the internet all.
Bill Gates
Tech Pioneer & Microsoft's founder

If Your Business is not on the internet, then Your Business will be out of business.

Web Solutions Made Easy
Clients like us for showing them the power of the internet with opportunities and ways they never knew to help grow their businesses faster, plus a cost-effective approach to results-driven marketing and web development.

New technologies and access to excellent web development are greater threats to many businesses than capital. Possibilities are endless for what your business can accomplish online. We’re on a mission leveraging the latest technology trends and powerful web tools to help our clients scale smoothly and overcome the existing and imminent digital challenges.

Unified solutions remove web marketing challenges. We help bridge the gaps in your online campaign, your customers, and your business goals. Put an end to platforms confusion, obsolescence, and complexity while you thrive online.

Stay ahead of the competition curve with an innovative approach and data-driven marketing. With a wide range of customized methods, including optimized content, organic searches, and digital advertising, your business success is very close.

Featured Services

Imagine having a dedicated team of web experts who manage your online marketing while you focus on running your business. At ONEWEBX, we combine web engineering with an innovative approach to deliver proven results at scale.


Paid Web Advertising
The fastest way to grow your business online is through targeted ads on search engines (Google & Microsoft Ad networks) or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter Ads). Not all ads are created equal, and not all traffic or eyeballs convert to sales, which causes frustration for businesses, and that's why you need web ad specialists. Here at OneWebX, we focus not just on clicks and traffic. We take conversions very serious. Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS), performance-driven Per Pay Click (PPC) and turning $1 spend into $5+ gain is the norm.
Search Engine Optimization
You don't need SEO if you're the only game in town. But in a competitive market, it's a no-brainer. Working with the fact that 78%+ of traffic on the web begins with search queries, we employ advance whitehat methods, tested, and tried strategies. This helps increase organic traffic to websites through holistic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the most cost-effective web marketing for businesses. The long term effects of a well-done SEO cannot be overemphasized in sustaining traffic and ranking above competitors in your market and most importantly producing qualified prospects who are ready to buy.
Web Optimization & Redesign
You may not need a new website. But don't treat the one you have like a fancy little brochure or static profile pages. It's a revenue-generating machine that needs optimization to work great for your business. And if you still run on one of those web dinosaurs, it's time for a redesign. A website that meets the highest standards, mobile device-ready, loads fast and performs better for users' experience (UX). Our proven website optimization plans will fine-tune your pages and convert web visitors into new leads or customers. But if you want a dream website now, you've come to the right spot!
Website Management & Security
Our web support plans aim to help business owners with peace of mind knowing their websites are fully protected and run smoothly at all times! Unlock better security, backups, regular scans, improved performance, plugin updates, reports, and keep the website safe from hackers. Brute force attacks and malicious bots are no matches here. We take care of necessary maintenance, updates, content management system, and top-notch web security. We help monitor and protect your digital real estate, your websites 24/7.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Getting traffic is easier than making web visitors take action. In other words, web traffic will not always lead to sales if you don't have a conversion aim or offers. Conversion optimization (CRO) is the systematic method of increasing the number of visitors who take the desired action, such as buying, calling, filling a form, or becoming customers. We help businesses synthesize conversion and page performance to reduce inaction bounce rates. We meticulously split-test for quality traffic and clicks that result in actions and revenue.
Qualified Leads Generation
Consumers' buying habits have evolved rapidly over the past years. Potential customers are researching and seeking information to solve their problems primarily through online sources. The goal of funneled inbound marketing is to attract these buyers in a non-intrusive, helpful manner in which they're comfortable and trust sellers or service providers. Many agencies have not kept up pace with this method. We're an early adopter of lead generation with growth-driven design and buyers' journey. You want to work with experts who understand today's best practices are critical to your success. We intertwine various disciplines of digital marketing into a comprehensive strategy that guarantees results and Hot Leads.
What Clients Are Saying

ONEWEBX worked on our hospitality websites in the city, and in white plains. Their cooperation and intergration were smooth. The web developer and SEO did all the adjustments within a short time and to my full satisfaction. He gave me some well explained cms instructions he gave had prepared so that I could adjust certain things independently. I am very happy with his on going support and the collaboration.

Mike Ozzi

I was impress by Onewebdynamics team. Before the project began, I was a little skeptical of digital marketing and SEO tactics. We have had a number of negative experiences with services like these so we were extremely careful when we selected Seyi & his team – but they’ve exceeded all of our expectations. Working with them has been easy. They love what they do and it shows. They strategized to get to know the out industry and competitors, in New York area to ascertain what work best and nailed it, which I was really impressed with. Communication with them has been extremely transparent , easy and very responsive, as well as more than willing to answer any and all questions throughout the process. I’m confident that we made the right choice when we decided to take a chance on with them, and we would do it again. Thanks

Randi Lee

We’re blessed to have them as our only go-to experts in anything relating to web trends and latest technologies. They have helped us scaled through various web platforms and digital challenges as web developers, online marketers, computer network admins, tech trend consultants and anything in between. Apart from their core realm, they ‘re very resourceful in other tech areas and willing to help do researches and always come up with the best solutions or recommendations for better results. The founder, Seyi Macaulay is highly skilled, very smart, very driven, totally professional, timely and easy to work with. Never disappoint and strong work ethics, he always go extra-miles with his agency to deliver beyond expectations. The agency put our needs, goals, and interest first. They help lay the groundwork for measurable success, come with cost-saving, yet very effective strategies and ensuring we maximize our returns. My business associates were impressed, really like their works, and we’re very lucky to have them as service providers. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

Steve Gullo PhD

Diet & Nutrition

Onewebx team provides a great service. I was very surprised and impressed by the extra miles when I received a video recorded and customized for our website backend and mobile app, where Amelia and Seyi explained how to update our website and use new apps. We’ve started getting compliments for the easy-of-use of our new web platform and how our patients now find it very easy for doctors appointment and online bookings. And on top of that, we’ve started seeing our new website ranks climbing up in search engines. Best services. Thanks guys.


Medical Practitioner
Onewebx customer reviews

OneWebX did outstanding work and a comprehensive overview of exactly what our website needs. With a ton of keywords optimized for SEO we are now ranking high and the visibility is doubling our membership signups daily. They went above and beyond, now our go-to team for all things online, social media Ads, organic/paid Ads, sales funnels, search engine optimization, and landing-pages that deliver high-quality conversion and sales. A very responsiveness web support team, great working with SEYI and ALEX –  quick turn around and direct communication we got made the experience exceptional!


Health/Fitness Club Operator
Onewebx reviews

Great experience with the ONEWEBX, they are real professionals, upfront, friendly, efficient, and really care about our bottom line! Definitely, the best web agency our sales and marketing dept have ever worked with for Google/Facebook PPC Ads and Search Engine Optimizations. They did everything they said they would do timely for increased web traffic and conversions which are now 4X up! These experts made digital marketing strategies & web development process very easy for us and 3 successful online stores growing.


Ecommerce Operations Manager
onewebx customer reviews

We’ve used other digital marketing and SEO agencies before for our hospitality and restaurant establishments across the northeast, but none of them gave us the knowledge, expertise, and truly care about our business goals like these ONEWEBX ninjas! (that’s what I fondly call them 🙂 Their name speaks volumes, they 3X our sales within 12 months. From the first interaction, my staff knows these guys are experts in digital marketing, online advertising know-hows, and search engines optimization. They come up with need-based customized solutions for our online business goals.  They’re very transparent, never minced a word to point out what can’t work. Their work ethic is superb and always available. We are hooked!


Owner, Hospitality Chain
ONEWWEBX client reviews

We contracted Onewebx for our new websites development on a very tight timeline. Their design and digital marketing expertise are unparalleled, attainable, strategic and tactical as needed – importantly very efficient and cost-effective than previous agencies contracted over the years. Great job in capturing our desired looks and feels delivering high-quality web pages optimized for SEO, mobile device-friendly, and site speed performance. Overall their works and expert consultation increased our sales by 125% within 7 months across our web properties. We’re retaining them.


Director of Marketing, Finance
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