We are in the business of helping businesses grow with the power of the internet.

Our Story


Seyi, an IT Consultant

Seyi Macaulay was an IT Consultant in New York City, some business owners with whom he was installing computer networks for started asking if he could update their dreamweaver HTML pages or build new websites on easy-to-manage CMSs like WordPress and Joomla. His problem-solving instinct kicked in: “why not.. if time permits, that can’t be harder than fixing your computers.”

Luckily having learned programming languages like C++ and Fortran in college, Seyi was able to work comfortably with HTML and JavaScript which was the most popular programming language of the web back then.  To further hone his web building skills, he enrolled in Adobe Design Suite training.



Oneweb Dynamic

Seyi went all-in for the next 3 years building websites, coupled with mastering the art of search engine optimization and online advertising to help clients grow their businesses digitally and faster! Seeing those positive results he was generating for business clients, and more works in the pipeline he hired like-minded Web Professionals to form a diverse Team of specialists that helped transition his one-man agency  into a full-service web development and marketing firm, established as Oneweb Dynamic in the year 2012.



Rebranded to OnewebX

OnewebX (alt. ONEWEBX) brings a visual identity that characterizes the brand name as bold, innovative, agile, and original. It also illustrates how far the company has come and evolving while helping its clients’ businesses grow. The word “Oneweb” represents Unified Web Solutions & Marketing Services under One Management. “X” stands for multiplied results, exponential growth, & ROI for our clientele. The logo’s bullseye (dot in “O”) represents targeted market for every client.


The Firm

ONEWEBX is a web development and marketing firm that provides highly tailored services for clients ranging from local businesses to global enterprises and companies in between. Our creative solutions help businesses overcome web challenges and thrive by improving their web visibility, generating quality traffic, leads, sales, and increasing revenue.

We utilize the power of the internet to supercharge business growth through diligent web development, optimization, advertising, social media marketing, and more!

As a full-service digital agency, we boast a unique and close-knit team of experts who help business owners harness all facets of web marketing and online opportunities.

In Case You Don’t Know

In this digital age, businesses and industries are getting disrupted, especially as they get bigger, un-refresh, and complacent.
Your business is better off on web platforms that predicate on adaptability to make it more competitive and cut through the noises. We embrace a growth mindset and agility with leverage to help a given client stay ahead of the curve.

Digital Marketing is here to stay, and it gives you a competitive edge in your market. If you don’t have a web strategy in place, you are losing out on a significant opportunity to reach new customers and make a stronger connection with your current customers. We can help You!

What You Can Expect

  • We help business owners and marketing executives use web technology to improve web performance and measurable return on their investment.
  • We help clients eliminate wasteful advertising or overpriced marketing campaigns for a more effective and less costly approaches that work best to grow your business.
  • We use applications that are best suited for a given client. This enables us to meet your business and your consumers’ needs. We serve user experience tailored to your business preferences and seamlessly connect customers to your products or service offerings.
  • Sometimes we build a custom system to solve a unique challenge that face a business or to unlock new opportunity to help engage customers better and improve online sales.
  • We help businesses placement on industry-specific online directories and relevant authority listings that are most relevant to your market to driving organic and relevant traffic to your website.
  • We have tools and  resources to gather competitive intelligence, market insights and analytic data in any given market or industry to help you perform better online or beat competition.
Need Help?

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