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SEO marketing gives your business website “trust factor” and organic traffic, making it easy for customers to find or seek you out instead of you seeking them out.

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Among various factors, the SEO process involves improving certain components of your webpages and some external signals. The results of a well-done SEO will be a website ranking at the top pages of all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your business gets better visibility, organic web traffic,  and quality leads or sales

Local SEO

75% of local searches in the United States result in a purchase. That’s right. Local means serious business – searchers who are ready to buy, need services or want to visit your location

Enterprise SEO

U.S. Businesses and companies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a regional, national, or international player, our world-class SEO expertise will keep you above competitions

International SEO

If you sell services or products both domestically and overseas, the extra steps above SEO customized for multi-national traffic helps accommodate web visitors from various countries with languages

Video SEO

Video SEO gets your ideal audience’s attention. Many businesses are increasingly creating quality videos but without SEO in place for related search terms, your message will miss the target

SEO is not an overnight success.

Search Engine Optimization is a journey, not a race. It’s a continuous effort and incremental improvements to your website rankings and visibility on the web. Main question: Does it worth the efforts? Yes! Search engines are the biggest platforms in which you can earn quality traffic and get valuable customers organically. Clearly, the Cost Per Lead or per Customer Aquisition is the cheapest of all web marketing methods.

SEO FAQs + Answers

OneWebX’s SEO team is made up of web experts with years of hands-on experience. We routinely do Seach Engine Optimization as default in tandem with web development – we’ve been for over 10 years! We’ve mastered SEO and fortified many websites we manage through the ins and outs of Google’s ranking system and ever-changing algorithms.

Our stellar results and customer satisfaction attest to our expertise, innovative and out of the box SEO approaches. While some agencies will make grand promises of just getting traffic to your website, we know SEO is more than just traffic and clicks that are not necessarily mean ROIs. We here at OneWebX take extra steps by doing meticulous SEO audits and keywords researches aiming to get the right kind of traffic to your page, funneling-in your target market, so your site gets in front of your key audience with search intents.

We’ll ensure that no stone is left unturned as we cross every possible avenue of web visibility for your website. Not only are we thorough, but we take pride in our dedication to transparency and honesty in our strategies. Google takes cutting corners and black hat SEO very seriously and we work accordingly to steer clear of those tactics. We’re well aware of the penalties, but we’re not worried because we’re devoted to getting you the best results the right way – squeaky white hat!

To ensure that you’re not creating great content that no one will ever read or not directing people to your site, we undertake rigorous research to ensure that your site is completely optimized both offsite and onsite.

With this in mind, we know that having the right keywords is crucial to make your site stand out when someone searches Google for what you’re selling or your services. Not only will we target keywords with a long-term strategy in mind, but we’ll be sure also grab any low hanging fruit​ and longtail​ keyword opportunities you can capitalize immediately.

When it comes to how many keywords we implement, we consult with you and discuss your budget and goals then decide on how many to focus on initially. Over time we aim to garner as many profitable, relevant keywords to drive your campaign.

We use a variety of industry ​tools ​as well as engage directly with our clients to ascertain the best keywords to utilize. Upon creating content with these keywords in mind as well as optimizing your site wherever possible, your website will be fully enhanced to bring the right kind of traffic to your site.

We pride ourselves on taking a tailored approach to each individual campaign. Our approach to SEO will vary based on your business’ market, goals, and requirements.; as such, quotes are generated on a custom basis and industry-specific. Other relevant factors taken into consideration will be your website’s history, and the amount of work needed to be undertaken to accomplish your goals.

For example, a typical setup fee for a small business is $615; then monthly management starts at $795 depending on the industry and market. Enterprise and eCommerce pricings are strictly on a custom basis.

With years of experience as well as prior campaigns with both global brands and local businesses, we have the expertise and know-how to kickstart your result-driven SEO right in a cost-effective manner.

In order for us to make smarter SEO decisions, we use very effective platforms that help open Google’s black box and get the kind of results you’re after. We make sure that all our practices and third party tools are the industry’s best in class. Our collaborative and robust tools of choice include including DeepCrawl, ScreamingFrog, Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs, WordStream, and Google keyword planner.

Yes, we wear that Hat with pride! Our methods are grounded in the latest and greatest in best practice, with no room for games and blackhat SEO. Our clean strategies sit well within Google’s prescribed guidelines and ensure that you’re getting your rankings handled by a company that not only plays by the rules but excels by following them –  a rare practice in today’s world of loud overpromising SEO agencies with little to show for it.

We do NOT engage in Blackhat SEO tactics. Google crawlers are too smart these days and no room for games. Websites that engage in shady tactics a being spotted fast and penalized. That’s why we take the good old fashion approach by pursuing best practices and encouraging and work with our clients to on producing excellent content that their site visitors will adore, and Google will love.

By optimizing your site both offline and online, you’ll be able to achieve a great flow of traffic to help realize your SEO ambitions. Black hat SEO may get you some results, but it will be short-lived. All your hard work will come undone if and when you’re caught. The penalties may be severe and cause people to lose confidence in your brand, so don’t risk it.

As mentioned above, we not only adhere to best practices when it comes to SEO but thrive while still following the rules. Many companies overcharge and over-promise while using methods that may get your site penalized by Google. Beware of any company promising to get you on the first page.

We’re different because we promise to get your better traffic based on your targets, which we always deliver. Your rankings will improve but more importantly, you’ll get incredible ROIs (return on investment) for your efforts and investment.

COVID-19 Updates

ONEWEBX team is here for Your Business with no service interruptions. As we pass through this crisis together, it's time to get back on track. Now remotely our workforce strives to support you effectively more than ever before!