Anita handles Data Analysis, Ads Management, and Clients Relation. Having studied marketing and human psychology in college, Anita understands how people tick demographics, psychographics, and behavioral data analysis for insights. She leverages her skills to come up with the right content, and powerful sales/ad copies when assisting our marketing and web development team.

On any given project, Anita is dedicated to gaining a deep understanding of each client’s business and customers, in order to deliver the best-performing marketing campaigns. Anita’s passion for proven data helps our team develops effective strategies, with consumers’ needs in mind, to achieve positive results and set goals.

Anita had run e-commerce projects and ad campaigns for online store owners before joining ONEWEBX. She manages multiple ad campaigns and builds sales funnels for eCommerce websites, analyzing every single click and daily metrics in Google Ad Account and Facebook Ads Manager.

She’s spent a lot of time helping online stores of all sizes to connect with their target audiences and get sales online. She knows how to work advertising and effectively tailored approaches to get the best results for AdSpend.

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