Gina performs quality assurance, split-testing, and ads performance monitoring. She’s very comfortable wearing many hats. Her expertise spans Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. 

She drives serious measurable high results for businesses, and strives to innovate marketing strategies and find ways to make them better. A strong advocate of web privacy and security, she has over ten years of web service experience working from midsize businesses to big corporations, including Cisco! 

She builds strong client support and relationships while implementing web solutions. Her responsibilities include manual testing, regressions, usability, and identifying application problems. With her hand-on IT background, she’s a skilled troubleshooter who never fazed to handle complex technical challenges including websites protection and security. When Gina isn’t working as a web scientist, she’s probably contemplating which river/beach to go swim on summer weekends, mountains to ski in the winters, planning trips or cooking up big meals for her hubby and two kids.