In today’s data-driven world, collecting, integrate, and analyzing web data for marketing can help make informed business decisions and gain competitive advantage. Toye is our Metric and Competitive Intelligence Analyst. She displays her valuable skills with data visualization for decision-making and web advertising. Most importantly, her skills apply effectively to achieving core business functions and clients’ marketing goals.

Toye has been a data project dissector for years. Before joining ONEWEBX, she worked as a web researcher for a big advertising agency, in the Midwest and New York, where she directly supported the web marketing and sales team made the best strategies and informed decisions. She later transitioned into managing web projects and advertising campaigns within the same agency.

With transparency, Toye aims and helps create realistic goals and the best practices that guarantee Returns On Adspend (ROAS). Toye has a certificate in Web Analytics and Data Visualization from Google and Adobe. Her in-the-trenches experience and an ongoing passion for learning new things is a valuable asset at ONEWEBX. When Toye is not monitoring data and multivariate split-testing, you will find her tinkering with the latest competitive intelligence tools to find their best features. When Toye is off work, she stays active in her church, leading the choir or mentoring at youth programs in the community.

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