Before joining ONEWEBX, Joseph was a web application developer at a major Pay Per Click (PPC) management and WordPress/WooCommerce development company in the Bay area, CA where he was hired while studying at UCLA. He also co-founded a marketing agency that helped small businesses stay competitive and gain web visibility in his hometown of San Diego and surrounding towns. He later sold his stakes in his agency to a partner before moving to New York.

Joseph has vast hands-on experience in web marketing strategies, especially in technical SEO, paid ads optimization, lead generation, and landing pages capturing with ready-to-buy customers. He brings a solid background in shopping sites and e-commerce platforms with hands-on management and advertising expertise that goes with them. His obsession with all things digital is over the top! He’s also an avid investor in NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and Ethereum blockchains.

In his spare time, Joseph loves playing drums and sometimes performs with live bands in Brooklyn NY and sometimes go on music tours.