Web Marketing Emerging Trends

Clients Demand: Web Marketing and Emerging Service Trends

In recent years, we've been seeing consistency in clients' demand for more digital marketing services - a trend​ that ​is happening across our ​core targets and ​markets, and are unique to specific clients. ​The 3 fastest-growing​ services are varying across different ​markets​ are:​

Social Media Short-form Video Content

The social media landscape is quick to evolve, and businesses have moved just as fast to adapt their content for the most lucrative channels with the widest reach. Since TikTok disrupted the market with short-form videos, other social platforms like Instagram and YouTube have created their own short-form video features, with mixed predictions for performance. ‍However, there are signs that the adoption of short-form content by other platforms has been a huge success. Besides regular postings which have lower views and short lifespans, business owners and marketers are taking advantage of paid ad potentials on platforms like TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. This shift in content format has also generated new possibilities for influencers and partnerships. The “Influencer Marketing” services have been increasing in the past 2 years. Given the dramatic growth in popularity of YouTube Shorts nowservice requests for “YouTube Influencer” marketing have gone and are expected to keep rising with no end in sight.

AI Tools Consultation & Integration 

As businesses became aware of new opportunities to advance through the publicity surrounding Open AI Chat GPT and other AI tools, since November 2022, demands for AI-related services have skyrocketed.  ‍Companies are looking for web experts skilled in using specific generative AI tools. As a result, demand for platforms like “Jasper,” an AI content generation platform for businesses, exceeded those of typically high-volume such as “Web Marketing” and “Web Design.” Many companies are exploring ways to integrate AI into their business platforms through AI applications, working with skilled web developers to build custom AI solutions for their platforms or websites. Since the beginning of 2023, earnings for Webmasters or Web Developers offering AI services related to programming and technology such as AI app development and integrations were responsible for the majority of revenue for AI services across the board.

Online store & eCommerce Marketplace Setups

While the full impact of the global economic downturn remains uncertain, there are signs consumers have become more price-conscious and are cutting back on spending. For small business owners and online retailers, this means sharpening their marketing strategy to keep customers shopping, even when wallets are tight. Navigating a challenging market, business owners are looking for web experts to help them tailor their strategies on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Searches for webmasters with expertise as strategists and managers on these platforms saw a major uptick, as business owners look for guidance on how to draw in new and retain existing customers, more sales, and new customers.

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