You’re Too Much Reliant On Social Media?


In this day in age that may sound like something a crazy person would say, but I’ll counter that by saying that the real craziness is how dependent most businesses have become on social media in the first place.

Yes, when social media marketing become the “new cool” it was great!

Businesses were cleaning up and making huge profits by utilizing the new social media ad platforms as they kept popping up.

But like almost all good things, the gold rush had to eventually hit a dead end.

Looking around at the current climate, it seems like that dead-end has been hit and isn’t opening up anytime soon.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing that was once the holy grail to front-end sales have now become harder and harder thanks to recent privacy updates, more competition, and several other factors.

But that’s why I said “almost” all good things have to come to an end, because one of the very first high-quality traffic sources ever created is also one of the most consistent, most profitable, and we know exactly how to make it work for your business.

I’m talking about SEO. SEO is a traffic source that is more consistent than social media ads, has better ROI, and can bring you free traffic from Google and other leading search engines.

This means that instead of trying to force your way in front of people on social media and paying out the backside for their attention, you’ll have people who are already looking for your services find you. It’s win/win!

Now is the time to invest in your omnichannel presence, you can’t be a one-trick marketer anymore. With the way things have been, and the way they’re going now is the best time to invest in SEO.

At ONEWEBX, we’re making it easier than ever for clients to get solid rankings on the web and top competition in your market.

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